Tire Rotation Increases Safety and Saves Money

Tire rotation is as key to auto maintenance as changing your oil. As you drive, different parts of your tire tread wear down at different rates. By rotating your tires, you even out their gradual wear down. This lengthens the lifespan of your tires, while also saving you money on your gas mileage. Studies show that proper tire tread and inflation go a long way to making your vehicle more fuel efficient.
Another important consideration is the safety issue. When tire treads wear down, your car can begin to lose its grip on the road. Not only does this tie into the efficiency issue, but proper tire rotation also makes your vehicle more safe. Especially in bad weather, car skidding can be one of the top causes of accidents.
With proper tire rotation, you can not only save money on fuel and tires, but you can also save your family. We encourage you to contact our service department to find out more.
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