Your Handy Pre-Road Trip Checklist

If you are not mechanically-inclined or know much about cars, it can be vital that you have your vehicle looked at prior to your road trip. The road trip could go wrong or cost more if your pre-trip checklist is not done before heading out of town. The Apple Ford Lincoln of York service team is here to help.

First, check the fluids in your car. Some of the fluids that you want to keep an eye on during your trip are the oil and brake fluid. The fluid levels can make a huge difference in both your engine and braking power. After checking the fluid levels, check your tires. If your tires do not have the right amount of air or tread, they could cause you to use more fuel than you should, as well as cause you to slide all over the road or even blow out if the tire has something in it.

There are a number of things that could go wrong if the vehicle is not looked at prior to the day you leave. Visit the Ford service team at our York, PA dealership for a road trip check-up soon!

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