Keep Your Brakes Strong!

Your car’s brakes perform an essential function as you drive: they slow and stop your car by using pads that clamp down on each side of a steel brake disc, or rotor. Brake pads are designed to wear down gradually over their lifespan, and if they wear down too far you run the risk of damaging your brake rotors or other components in the brake system.

Like any other system in your car, the braking system must be inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance and safety. Some common symptoms of brake problems are a grinding sound or vibration when you step on the brake pedal. Additionally, you may also notice that your brake pedal feels softer and requires less effort to push.

If your brakes are due for regular service, or if you have noticed these or other symptoms of brake trouble, give the service center at Apple Ford Lincoln of York in York, PA a call today!

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