Why Horsepower is Still Relevant

For centuries, we have been using horsepower as a unit of measurement of power in terms of output and performance. The team at Apple Ford Lincoln of York wants to share with you why we use horsepower to this day.

It all started during the 18th century when steam engine inventor and engineer, James Watt, vastly improved his engine model and needed to find a way to sell it to the masses. He had a difficult time selling to people that never owned a steam engine and used draft horse instead. To market to that group, he determined a way to compare the output of his new engines to that of work horses.

A horse could turn a mill wheel with a 12ft radius about 144 times per hour or 2.4 times per minute. He eventually calculated that one work horse could in fact produce about 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. Watt's idea was a success and the industrial revolution truly bloomed.

That’s why we continue using horsepower for our engines. Come on out to our Ford dealership in York, Pennsylvania to learn more and hand-select a high horsepower Ford vehicle for your daily commute!

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