Explore the Durable and Tough 2019 Ford Super Duty

With a fully boxed frame made of military-grade aluminum alloy, the Ford Super Duty is tough, durable, and strong. The heavy-duty pickup could be the perfect solution to any of your hauling, towing, or carrying needs.

To help with moving heavy loads, the Ford Super Duty has the largest brakes in its class. The four-wheel anti-lock brakes will function reliably underweight and have been tested under the most demanding of circumstances. The solid front axle makes the front end stiffer and allows for the use of heavy front attachments such as snowplow blades. The frame has 10 additional crossmembers that increase the stiffness of the entire truck.

Learn more about the 2019 Ford Super Duty by taking one out for a test drive in York. Visit Apple Ford of York today and see what models we currently have in our inventory.

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