The Ford F-150 Finds New Ways to Be Tough

When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford has redefined the word "tough" over and over again. This is best exemplified by the Ford F-150, a popular full-size pickup truck made of the latest materials to achieve the perfect balance between lightweight and high-strength.

For years, pickup trucks were constructed out of conventional steel. This made them tough, durable, and strong, but it also weighed them down. Today's Ford F-150 trucks are made of military-grade aluminum alloy, which has been heat treated and hardened to ensure maximum strength. This aluminum alloy body is paired with a fully boxed steel frame, which is lighter than previous frames due to an innovative roll-forming process.

For a pickup truck that drives tough, consider the Ford F-150. From its innovative design features to its unparalleled capabilities, this vehicle will satisfy any York driver. Come to Apple Ford of York soon to take the F-150 on a test drive!

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