Maintaining Control of The Ford Mustang

Even though the Ford Mustang is considered a sports car, it has the handling that you would expect from a sedan. When you're driving the car, you'll notice that the handling is responsive to the way that you drive, making it a fun car for taking around curves in York, PA.

Keep in mind that the car does have some speed behind the wheel. However, that doesn't change the way that the tires grip the pavement and the car's stability. The enhanced handling makes it easier to drive on roads that are less than ideal as well.

One of the ways that the handling in the Ford Mustang has been improved is with an enhanced rear suspension. There is also an assisted power steering option for better shifting while you're navigating curves. Visit Apple Ford of York to try your hand at the options available from the Mustang so that you can see just how much control you have behind the wheel.

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