Hit the Road with Peace of Mind in the Ford Escape

If you're like many drivers in York, PA, your primary driving concern is getting to your destination safely. If that sounds familiar, we're excited to recommend the Ford Escape. With its sophisticated technology, this popular crossover helps you stay safe, both in town and on the highway.

Have you ever needed to turn the wheel quickly to avoid a collision? If so, the evasive steering assist feature can bring you peace of mind. It uses sensors to detect a possible front-end collision; then, it helps you steer out of the way to avoid damage.

After dark, your high beams can boost visibility and safety. With the Ford Escape, you don't need to remember to switch them on. The high beams are automatic, so they turn on when it's safe; then, they dim when another driver comes your way. To see how this helps you focus on the road, visit us at Apple Ford of York to go for a test drive.

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