Helpful Technology in the Ford Taurus to Keep Drivers Safe

We love that Apple Ford of York has all sorts of options for customers, like the new Ford Taurus, which is definitely a one-of-a-kind full-size sedan. This is probably why the vehicle is so popular, and that makes sense when you look at its tech features.

Great Tech in the Taurus

Ford is making life in cities like York, PA easier by giving drivers tech, like the following:

Cross-Traffic Alert

This alert system turns on if you back out, and the vehicle detects another one near you. It tells you with a series of alerts, some of which are audible while others are visual. This should make you feel a little safer, right?

Lane Keep

You do not want to be the driver who drifts into another lane and causes an accident. Ford doesn't want you to be that person either, and with the lane keep system, the chances of that happening are reduced. The system uses sensors and cameras to keep you in your lane and alerts you if you are drifting.

Safety just got a lot easier with the Taurus, and these features just represent a few. Take a test drive, and get ready to be impressed.

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