How Your Vehicle Utilizes Air Filters

Just like you don't want to breathe in air with a bunch of particles in int, neither does your engine. That is why your manufacturer fitted your vehicle with an engine and cabin air filter.

Your engine air filter catches any dust or particles that are sucked up into the engine air intake and filters them out, so your engine is only taking in the cleanest air. This helps to keep your engine clean and running smoothly. If your engine air filter is busted or dirty your engine may not run as well or even lose some power. The cabin air filter is similar to the engine air filter except that it filters in the air that goes to the cabin. This makes it so you aren't breathing in any dust or harmful particulate that may be in the air.

If you feel like your vehicle's air filters need to be serviced, stop by Apple Ford of York. We are located in York, PA and we would be more than happy to service your vehicle.

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