The Importance of Vehicle Belts and Hoses

The long list of belts and hoses found in the engine compartment of a vehicle are not designed to last forever. The components are necessary to run the alternator, the air conditioning, air injection pump, the fan, power steering pump, and water pump. With time, one or more of the parts cracks, leaks or rusts and needs replacement.

The timing belt, or chain, is responsible for synchronizing the pistons and valves in the engine. If it fails, the vehicle stops running. Hoses and metal lines deliver brake fluid, coolant, and gas to where the fluids need to go to keep the vehicle operations.

When the serpentine belt fails, the engine may over and become damaged. The battery no longer receives a charge and the power steering also fails. Periodically checking under the hood alerts vehicle owners when replacements are needed. You can trust our York, PA Apple Ford of York garage technicians to make the necessary repairs.

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