Keeping Air In Your Tires

The pressure in your tires is important to prevent accidents and abnormal wear and tear. It's often easy to maintain the pressure in your tires before getting on the road in York, PA if you follow a few simple tips. Check your owner's manual to determine the proper pressure level so that there's not too much or too little. If you want to adjust the pressure outside of these recommendations, then it's better to add a few pounds more than not enough.

Keep in mind that the pressure in your tires will vary based on the overall temperature outside. Warm weather makes the pressure expand while colder temperatures can make it contract. Apple Ford of York can help you adjust the pressure based on the time of year so that you don't have to keep adding air to your tires.

If you keep your tires underinflated, then it can cause damage over time. The sidewall can begin to collapse. You might notice a decrease in fuel efficiency as well.

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