The Ford Expedition is a Large and Powerful Full-size SUV

If you are worried that you must sacrifice comfort when driving a full-size SUV, you will want to take a look at the Ford Expedition. This is one of the more popular vehicles in its class precisely because of how large and powerful it is. At the same time, the entire family will be comfortable in this one.

There is a tremendous amount of space to make use of in the Ford Expedition. Not only can you seat eight passengers comfortably, but you can also take along many of your personal belongings as well. The Cargo Management System comes standard and is a great way to accommodate all of your items.

When you need even more room, you can tow a trailer of up to 9,000 pounds behind you. This goes back to the power feature we mentioned earlier. There is a great deal of torque in the engine on this SUV. Take it for a test drive when you visit Apple Ford of York.

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