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Throughout its extensive history, the Ford Maverick has changed its look again and again. It's been so constantly evolving, in fact, that if you put today's Maverick next to its beginning counterpart, you might not be able to see the connection. But one thing that's stayed true no matter the Maverick, though, is that this is one thoughtful, powerful, and sleek ride. At Apple Ford of York, we appreciate a classic when we see one. Read on to learn more about the Maverick and its unique history. 

Ford Maverick Beginnings

in 1969, the Ford Maverick was born. Back then, this vehicle started as a two-door coupe, cashing in on the Ford Mustang's wave of success. To make its connections to the Mustang even more obvious, the Maverick had Mustang-inspired styling, complete with sharp, angular lines and a variety of colors. 

Unlike the Mustang, though, the original Maverick came with two doors rather than four, but this hardly impacted the car's popularity. In its first year of production, the Maverick sold around 600,000 units, which was about three times what the Mustang sold that year. It seemed like there was a new player in the compact sports car game.

But all good things must come to an end. The original Maverick stayed in production until 1977 in America and a few years later in Brazil. That wasn't the end for the Maverick, though. You can even still see brand-new versions of the Maverick on the lot today, but it might look a bit different than its predecessors.

Changing Faces

Throughout its production run from 1970 until 1977, the Maverick took on a variety of changes to match an ever-expanding car market. In 1971, for example, Ford released a four-door version of the sedan with a vinyl roof. In 1973, the ride got its first-ever glove compartment. There were constant minor changes, along with a variety of trim packages and options to tweak drivers' experience without changing much to the structure of the car. But, in 1977, things started to seriously change.

Ford decided to begin lending out the Maverick name to vehicles in other countries to help stimulate their auto industries. From 1988 until 1994, Ford sold a Nissan Patrol with a Maverick badge in Australia. The Nissan Patrol, an Australia-only SUV, didn't look anything like the original Mustang-inspired image of the Maverick, but technically, it was a Maverick just the same. You might be hard-pressed to find this Maverick version today, but if you did, you'd own a unique and collaborative piece of Ford history.

In Spain, Ford offered a Maverick version of another Nissan from 1993 until 1999. This small, cheap, off-road SUV model was closer to the previous Australian Maverick model than the original Maverick inspiration. The next Maverick version came in the form of a special Ford Escape/ Mazda tribute named after the Maverick for European markets. This version ran from 2001 until 2005, at which point the confusion of previous Nissan/Maverick models let the market cool for this compact crossover.

What Can You Expect From This Ride Today?

All of this doesn't mean that the Maverick is dead and buried. You might be surprised to learn about what the Maverick looks like today. No longer a classic sports car, an SUV, or even anything remotely resembling a classic sedan, the modern Maverick is now a compact pickup truck. That's right. The Maverick went from a 1970 Mustang cousin to a modern-day pickup. 

While it's a bit hard to see any connections between the Mavericks of old and today's models, there's actually more in common than meets the eye. The Maverick, in its original form, was built to capitalize on the popularity of sports cars like the Mustang but also to surge ahead. The new Maverick comes at a time when pickup trucks are all the rage. Will this new type of Maverick ride stand the test of time like its predecessors? We think it might live up to its name for a long time to come.

Is the Maverick Right for You?

Thinking about choosing a Maverick? Whether you go classic or modern, here are some reasons to give this great ride a try:

Small and Zippy

Throughout its history, no matter what type of vehicle it was, the Maverick has always remained compact and ready to take the world by storm. At first, it was a compact sports vehicle, and today it's a compact pickup that doesn't skimp on performance. Practical and engaging, you'll love driving your Maverick.

Stylish and Thoughtful

You can never accuse the Maverick of not looking good. Its lines and angles are always sharp and unique. You might even be able to see that sports car inspiration throughout its many iterations.

Constantly Evolving

Something about the Maverick seems to embody the spirit of evolution. When its original run ended, Maverick shifted to various models and versions across the globe. Today, the Maverick understands the resurgence of pickups and reinvented itself once again.

Full of History

A pickup and a story - your Maverick comes with a unique history at no extra charge. While its previous influences may not be obvious to the naked eye, we're sure you can see a line of succession if you look closely enough. If you want a vehicle with a bit of a narrative, the Maverick might be your best pick.

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